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The NxStage – NOT!

Written by  Steve Bone
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Well I did get to see the NxStage, got very excited about the prospect of getting  home again after 4 years, with the implied hint that this was imminent. On chatting with the guy from Kimal he had a training slot next week, so I was geared and ready to go. BUT…. I did not bank on the breakneck speed with which the NHS moves, only to be told that I can’t train next week, as there are too many operational issues on the local unit in Peterborough to cope. (not part of the plan, clearly, and also not part of the routine). So, I now have to wait nearly 3 months – YES, nearly 3 months for the planets to align and the wind to change so that I can have my training.

I suspect they forget I only need to to be trained on the machine, I don’t need hand holding for clinical care. After all, I was taught to self care 20 years ago, and dialysed alone and independently within 4 weeks of starting hemo. With everything else I am trying to get organised in my life (yes, I do have a life) getting home with the machine within 2 to 3 weeks would have been an absolute godsend, and solved huge problems. But hey….. the cogs will turn and eventually the monolith will spew out a training plan. Oh, and the best part, was, I was going to be expected to be signed off using the standard home hemo plan, which will be completely useless for the NxStage. Startling!!

So, from my tone, whilst I am still excited about the future prospect of the NxStage and home hemo again, yes I am bitter and very annoyed, I have to sit and twiddle my thumbs for best part of three months. I love the human skills deployed here…….

(This is not aimed at the messenger who had to deliver the bad news)

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

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