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NxStage – it’s working

Written by  Steve Bone
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After all the issues of the past few weeks, without hopefully tempting fate, I am pleased to say the NxStage, PureFlow, filters and all the supplies are working well. So, despite ranting a fair bit recently, and getting really fed up with the whole thing (not like me, really), it has all come good.

I note from my blood results there is a definite difference in my results achieved between shorter faster dialysis vs slower, longer sessions. The dialysate remains the same, as does the flow fraction, but the results are clearly better for middle molecules like phosphates on the longer sessions. I have done faster dialysis in the past week, and my phosphate result is going up again! Need to get to do slower sessions. My boys have been on holiday so I am dialysing while they are with me, so tend to try and finish as quickly as possible as I am nervous leaving them to their own devices while I am dialysing. We have struck an agreement in that they will play on their Playstations while I am dialysing, and come off when I do! Keeps them gainfully occupied doing something they enjoy, and gives me a bit of peace of mind, albeit not total.

I’m still working while on dialysis and have found it to work well for me. I get a lot done in the 3.5 to 4 hours I am on, and I feel I am being more productive. It’s not so easy to get up and make a cup of tea etc when dialysing so have to stay in the chair working! My clients are potentially getting better value for money!

This week I have my first clinic appointment since restarting home hemo again. It will be an interesting discussion and I’m looking forward to it.

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

Hi, I'm Steve and have been a dialysis patient on some form of self-care or other since 1990. I've dialysed at home, abroad, in hospital, oh and had a transplant for 7 years. I work in the insurance industry for a City based business, but am very fortunate to be able to work from home 4 days a week. I hope, with my experiences, I can help others on dialysis or those facing dialysis in the future! It ain't so bad! Steve

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