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Chugging along

Written by  Steve Bone
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Been a while since I posted to the blog – work has been ‘voluminous’ to say the least, but taking a few days off. The NxStage (where’s the wood to touch?) has been behaving – but then the machine always seemed to – it’s been the PureFlow that was the issue, in the main. But that too has behaved – still high usage of Paks, but that aside, all good.

My blood results are now becoming more consistent and as a result of low potassium, I have to ‘gorge’ myself on this – so chocolate, tomatoes, bananas – you name it, I need to eat it. Put on a kilo or so, so need to watch the chocolate! Phosphates are down, PTH down and if this continues, then good signs all round. Dialysis time now averages about 3 hours 40 on a shorter session, although have been down to 3hrs 20, and for longer sessions up to about 4 hours. I have two doses of Tinzaparin to accommodate whether I am on a shorter session or a longer one, as I noted that my dialyser was remaining dirty on wash back, with some clotting, all on the lower dose of 2500units, so have 3500 also now for the longer 4 hours sessions.

Kimal took back a couple of the troublesome cartridges for analysis – not heard anything back, but had noted on some cartridges that the dialysate line at the lower left does not always sit in the channel in the plastic framework, and as such could become occluded. Needs a bit more tape to hold it in place.

With renewed confidence in the machine, contemplating a holiday with it in tow next year, rather than booking into a local unit. Want to go to France for a first hit as I can drive and take the machine with me. If that all works out ok then might work out doing this with flights.

I need to chase up my Kimal nurse as he did suggest I could attach my machine to the network so that both Kimal and NxStage could get data direct on the performance of the machine. I have a spare port on my router, and its about 4 feet from my machine, so will be easy to set up.

Onward and upward!

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

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