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Beyond the call of service and duty

Written by  Steve Bone
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With all the problems I had last night with the Opta filter ahead of the NxStage PureFlow, unsuccessfully trying to make a batch, I was on the phone at gone midnight to the clinical support from Kimal while he described how to disconnect the filter and run the machine back from the straight mains water supply. Seemed a little complex at the time, but in the warm light of day today, actually quite straightforward. Anyway, the point was, I was able to make a new batch so I could dialyse this morning. It is rare to find  the level of support I received last night, that not only ensured that I dialysed this morning as planned, but was able to work as I had a ‘stack’ of stuff to do – not practical to do on the unit when you need access to a network. So, a big thanks and a public recognition of real service and commitment.

Anyway, a visit today to inspect the installation, and all being well, when I make another batch tomorrow, it will run without a hitch – wood anybody?

I did say on an earlier post that the Opta filter was quiet – I was not hearing it when it runs when making  a batch. Annoyingly noisy would be my description. There must be a better way of constructing the pressure cylinder, pump and gauges such that they can be a lot quieter. I am going to find it quite a distraction while working, and it makes the task of making phone calls impractical. Still, I’ll stick with it for now, see how it goes. I fully understand the need for the additional filtering, so do not not object too strongly – for now! I’ll see how irritated I get! :-)

More bloods again today, so should have the results tomorrow. I am doing my first full 6 day week this week, and results seem to be stacking up, but I will be interested in the take on these by the docs when I have my clinic appointment in a couple of weeks – I’ll keep you posted. Currently hitting a 6 day Kt/V of 2.8, so seems to be good. When I check my Kt/V for 3 day dialysis on the unit, I get a result of under 2.1, so this is suggesting at the moment (results need to stabilise) that I am seeing a 33% improvement in dialysis effectiveness for 50% more hours dialysing. That might provoke some comment – of course I could be taking a too simplistic view of things. (I should add I’m delighted if I am getting much better effectiveness – after all this is about staying alive and being as healthy as possible!)

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

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