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Working on dialysis

Written by  Steve Bone
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Everybody’s story and circumstances are different, but for me, I am able to work while I am on dialysis with the NxStage, as I have the machine in my office at home.

I don’t have a large room for the office, but it all fits in ok, and I can get to everything without a problem – all in reach. It’s very noticeable that as I am working while on dialysis, the time passes really quickly. I do half hourly observations but at times it seems like just 5 or 10 minutes have passed. If you have ever sat on a dialysis unit waiting for the 4 hours to pass, you’ll know how long that can feel. The one thing I do miss though is the tea trolley and biscuits!! Yes, really! I make myself a cup of tea as I go on, but that’s gone within about 5 minutes of getting on. Need a tea maker in here, but where I put it will be a tough conundrum.

So, how does it look? See below for some photos of the installation with me working. The machine is behind me and to my right (fistula is in left arm), and the lines are long enough to allow me to type away and work quite easily. If I am working on my PC that is further right, I have a hook on the desk for my lines so I can ensure the lines don’t get caught under the wheels of my chair. (By turning further towards the machine, they tend to dangle on the floor, hence the ‘safety’ of the hook).

The final picture is me with my large cup of tea. You don’t get cups that big on the dialysis unit! :-)

Working on dialysis

Working while on dialysis with the NxStage

Working on dialysis

Easy to work with the lines across me

And so to the cup of tea!!

Working on dialysis

Nice BIG cup of tea on dialysis

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

Hi, I'm Steve and have been a dialysis patient on some form of self-care or other since 1990. I've dialysed at home, abroad, in hospital, oh and had a transplant for 7 years. I work in the insurance industry for a City based business, but am very fortunate to be able to work from home 4 days a week. I hope, with my experiences, I can help others on dialysis or those facing dialysis in the future! It ain't so bad! Steve

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