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A specialist in internal medicine, Dr Yiliji Kumtap, has said that renal diseases and failures, prominent in hypertensive and diabetic patients, can be curtailed if effectively managed.

Kumtap told the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in Jos on Monday that most patients suffering from hypertension and diabetes could develop renal disease and eventually renal failure in not controlled.

He identified two types of renal failures as acute and chronic, saying that acute renal failure usually occurred suddenly.

"It is the sudden loss of the kidney function which occurs within days or weeks. On its part, chronic renal failure is in stages; it starts from a decrease in the glomerular filtration rate.

"As the kidney function declines, waste products can build up in the blood, causing a condition known as uremia,'' he said.

He added that the symptoms included fatigue, fluid retention, swelling, changes in urine colour and sleeping disorder while kidney pain could be felt in the back.

He advised that ? patients with high blood pressure and are diabetic should stick to their doctor's advice.

"Patients who are hypertensive and diabetic should ensure that they go for regular medical checkups, do regular exercises and control their diets.

"They should also take their routine drugs as and when prescribed," he said.

He also advised such persons to take lots of water as that could control and prevent kidney diseases such as kidney stones.

Kumtap advised the public to inculcate regular medical checkups to enable experts to diagnosise any kidney issue at an early stage when it could be treated or effectively managed.


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