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Monday, 06 December 2010 18:57

The Dialysis Community

Hi all, my first blog post here on Global Dialysis. I have my own blog elsewhere, and since starting that, and now being involved with this one, it strikes me that when you survey the totality of content, groups, blogs and other great items on the web, there is a huge community with a vast array of voices all pulling in one general direction to support the dialysis community, transplant community and others. If we take this further, it suggests that the coming together of a number of these communities and voices into one cohesive group would become (collectively) more powerful, and the volume of the voices would be ramped up to considerably more than the sound emanating from the individuals. There are many good causes on the go most of thr time in our area of interest, but how much more effective would we be if we were able to mobilise a large and effective group. ··Let me cite one example. The law on organ donation. Check out the No10 web site and you will see a large number of (failed) petitions each attracting a relatively small number of signatories. Work together on this type of subject, develop a rational argument and mobilise the enlarged group to have the impact, and draw REAL attention to issue by the benefits of scale. Not saying this should be the primary argument, but hopefully you get my 'drift' on the benefits of working together. Happy Monday evening all. Steve
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