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New Peterborough Dialysis Unit

Written by  Steve Bone
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Well, we are finally dialysing at the new Peterborough unit. First class facility and a huge improvement on the old one. A few niggles though. It’s blooming cold! Even the nurses are wandering around with blankets over their shoulders to keep warm. For the patients who will all feel the cold more for their 4 hours stint, it has become very uncomfortable. The building managers have been around with their thermometers and judged things to be fine – but they have not consulted the nursing staff or the patients. Also, they’ve not issued barrier cards, so patients have to ask nurses to sort out their car parking on each visit – not their role really.

Updated - we've got access cards to the car park - with thanks - shame the car park for the unit is now so full there are no spaces for the dialysis patients. Down to the building managers to sort this out - it can't be that difficult! Can it......? Oh, and it's still cold on the unit. Lovely and warm around the rest of the hospital so this does suggest some 'climate' adjustment is required for our little corner!

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Steve Bone

Steve Bone

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