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Global Dialysis has four main goals:

  • To improve information for dialysis users around the globe,
  • To improve access to facilities for dialysis users around the globe,
  • To strive for the highest possible quality standards in dialysis care around the globe
  • To encourage moves towards an increasingly sustainable dialysis industry

Our core values

  • To represent the needs of dialysis users across the globe, professionally
  • To understand and work with diversity of culture, creed and people of all abilities across the globe
  • To operate our website fairly and independently
  • To listen to dialysis users, enable access to current information and encourage dialogue with their medical teams to help them manage their care and make the right choices
  • To work in partnership and collabroation with dialysis centres, the dialysis industry and the people that work within it for the good of dialysis users.

Key interests of ours

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