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www.GlobalDialysis.com was set up in 2000 by Russell England. His wife, Val, had chronic kidney failure and needed to be on permanent haemodialysis three times per week. Val was a very energetic, lively lady and loved travelling and going away on holiday. Russell and Val found it very difficult to find out about dialysis centres around the world and set Global Dialysis up to help dialysis users around the globe be more mobile and get out and about.

This site is dedicated to Val.

The site is very much altruistic in nature.· Russell has always run it on a voluntary basis, and has never taken an income from it.· He has invested vast amounts of his personal time and money into it.

Global Dialysis is a huge directory, where dialysis centres around the world can add their details so that dialysis users can access this information when they were travelling. The site has grown and grown in popularity and has enjoyed over 500,000 visits per year. However, Russell's altruistic nature really took its toll on him and in 2009 he became very ill and the site was down for a while. He has not had the funds to develop the search facility properly and the site saw a drop.

The site is now embarking on a new exciting journey. We will be working in partnership with the many businesses we have helped to thrive over the years to run the site professionally, taking care to maintain the altruistic roots and story behind the set up.

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