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Global Dialysis supports quality dialysis centres around the world, encouraging safe, comfortable dialysis units with exemplary medical and customer care. We are empowering dialysis users and their carers around globe by encouraging you to rate and review centers you visit - helping other dialysis users with their dialysis travel and dialysis holiday choices.

Support other dialysis users

Each dialysis centre on Global Dialysis has space for reviews and star ratings. Dialysis centres with better reviews and more stars will be higher in the search results. This gives real power to· dialysis users to vote for the great centres. Reviews are needed for all types of care delivered by dialysis centres: haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, acute dialysis, home support and post transplant support.

To write a review, register, log in and follow the instructions in your user centre.· Please be constructive in your comments.· Our aim is to help centres improve by rewarding those that do well and make us happy and encourage others to improve by highlighting best practice. · If you have issues with a centre do try to resolve them there and then and don't use the reviews as an opportunity to achieve retribution!

We value our relationship with dialysis centres very highly and will protect them from malicious and contentious statements. All reviews are moderated. Our aim is to praise the centres doing well and encourage others to improve. This system will be professionally managed. Reviews which are potentially contentious or malicious will be investigated and reviewers found to in breach of the spirit of the site will be prevented from accessing the review system.

If you want to review a centre but find it isn't on our system please let us know - we will add it and you can review it.·

Do remember that you can rate and review your own dialysis unit too!

Star system

When you are writing the review you will be given the opportunity to award a star from 1 and 5.· Please award 5 stars to excellent centres down to 1 star for not so good.

Dialysis centers receiving a 5 star review will receive a blog write up and additional publicity as a reward for delivering good service.

Dialysis centers receiving five 5 star awards within a calendar year will be sent a badge and certificate to display in their dialysis center.· This will also appear on their profile on line and they will be in our 5 Star Dialysis Center Gallery on line.

Global Dialysis Dialysis Centre of the Year 2012

We are setting up outstanding centre awards in an annual award scheme that we are setting up in 2011.· This award scheme will reward outstanding dialysis centres and the staff working in them around the world. Please check back to the site regularly to see how this award scheme develops and how you can enter your centre. To be kept informed about this or to sponsor the awards please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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