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There is a wealth of information available to dialysis users, pitched at every level from very basic facts to indeth scientific papers.  We have developed a useful guide here to be used in conjunction with our useful links section, to help you access all the information you need.

Being on dialysis doesnot mean that your life is over - thousands of people visiting Global Dialysis are testament to the large numbers of people leading full. active and productive lives.  You will need to plan and think ahead, but most people do manage to incoproate dialysis into their routine, albeit with some adjustments.

Don't be too hard on yourself if you find things tough - this is a huge change in every way for both you and your family and close friends. You may feel down and depressed - call on your professionals at your unit for sources of help and support.

If you want help and support

If you want to access scientific papers and learn more

Good places to start are Medline - this is produced in the US by the National Library of Medicine and PubMed

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