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Dialysis users need to take Phosporous binders to limit the amount of phosporous they absorb from the food they eat IN ADDITION to following a low phosporous diet. 

There are three main types:

i)   Calcium-containing binders are used to prevent phosphorus absorption by combining with the phosphorus that is in your gut. A common example is PhosLo®, which is calcium acetate

ii)  Calcium carbonate binders are also used and can be effective. The calcium in these pills can be a problem because the calcium absorbed into the bloodstream can cause damage to other organs. An example is Tums®.

iii) Non Calcium containing binders  Drugs such as Renagel® binds with phosphorus in the gut, but does not contain calcium.

Some of the medicines are tablets and some are in a chewable format. The medicines should be taken at meal times following guidance from your nephrologist in conjunction with the packet instructions.

Examples and links to websites are below

PhosLo® (Renal Pharmaceuticals from Fresanius Medical Care)

Renagel® (Genzyme)

Tums®  (GlaxoSmithKline)

Fosrenol® (Shire)

RenaZorb® (Spectrum)

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